Passport Photos

 We are able to take photos for

  • Canadian Passports
  • FAC's
  • Canadian Citizenship  
  • Permanent Resident Cards
  • Passports and Visas for several other countries

Please specify which type of photo you require:   

If it is not one of the types listed above,  we request that you bring the size requirements of the photo with you.   Please do NOT wear white or light colors, no headbands, hats, glasses, or shiny makeup.   Your photo requires a "neutral expression", no smiling and mouth completely closed -- it is not a portrait.     We are unable to take photos of infants, unless they can sit up and hold their head up.  Toddler photos will be taken at our discretion.

Useful Links:
Passport Canada Website
Canadian Firearms Program
Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Permanent Residency

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